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Conventional Loans

FastTrack Mortgage offers some of the most competitive rates nationwide, with as little as 3% down. There are no origination or processing fees with FastTrack Mortgage, and there are 100% gift options available for a down payment.

Home Refinance Loans

At FastTrack Mortgage, we will never charge origination fees or processing fees. We provide a free pre-qualification for homeowners looking to refinance – no strings attached.

One Time Close Loans - Contstruction

Our construction loan mortgage process is quick and simple with no origination fee, processing fee, or underwriting fees. We offer a wholesale rate and a 180-day lock-in option with lower out-of-pocket closing costs, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best deal when getting a construction loan with FastTrack.

FHA Loans

FastTrack is FHA approved, which means we can offer you the many benefits that come with a FHA loan. We can help you get a loan with a down payment as low as 1.5% and a FICO score of 580, and 100% gift options are available for your down payment. And as always, FastTrack won’t charge origination or processing fees.

VA Loans

VA is perfect for helping US Military service members, veterans, and eligible surviving spouses get home loans. Through our VA loan program, qualifying individuals can get a home loan with as low as 0% down, no mortgage insurance, and no origination or processing fees.


USDA Loans

FastTrack offers loans with as low as 0% down and a FICO score as low as 580 with a USDA loan. This also includes no processing fees, no origination fees, and competitive interest rates.

Jumbo Elite Loans

FastTrack offers competitive rates for home loans over the typical limit with as little as 10% down and a minimum FICO score of 680. There are no processing or origination fees when you get a Jumbo Elite Loan through FastTrack.

Doctor Loans

Student loan debt shouldn’t keep you from buying a home, and our doctor loans allow you to purchase a home even when you have student loans. If you are a recent medical school graduate, this type of loan allows you to purchase a home with as little as 3% down and a 720 FICO score. There are no processing fees or origination fees.

Commercial Loans

FastTrack offers loans for commercial properties with competitive rates. Contact us to know more about our commercial loan options!

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We encourage you to take a look at our Google reviews as we strive to deliver the best possible experience to each of our clients while offering the very best rate and cost available. If you are paying any of the following fees for your mortgage then you are paying too much and should at least call us so we can help you get the best deal.

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Our simple business model is to deliver industry leading turn-times with the lowest possible rate and cost for each client. We truly believe that you never need to sacrifice service for price. Our unique model offers a hands on approach and the best price. We also have many lending relationships which mean we can offer our clients and partners many more products and options than a traditional lender. We simply have more tools in our belt.

The realtors we partner with love being able to present themselves as the expert in helping their clients find the best deal possible. We sincerely believe that partnering with us strengthens any real estate professionals bio. When you work with the experts, you become an expert.

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